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WordPress syntax mode for Coda 2.0.2

Fix WordPress syntax mode for Coda 2.0.2

If you develop with WordPress and use Coda 2 for that, you probably use the excellent WordPress Syntax Mode by Thorsten too. But sadly, the syntax mode broke with Coda 2.0.2, so I’ve made a quick fix.

I used the same technique that Daniel Koskinen has used for Coda 2.0 (thanks dude for showing the way):

  • make a copy of the original SyntaxDefinition.xml file located in /Applications/Coda,
  • in this new copy, replace all content between <keywords id="PHP4 Functions"> and the next following </keywords"> with Thorsten’s version,
  • Replace all PHP-HTML with PHP-HTML-WP (you’ll have 3 hits),
  • Finally, save the file as SyntaxDefinition.xml in ~/Library/Application Support/Coda 2/Modes/PHP-HTML-WP.mode/Contents/Resources/ (replacing the old one) and restart Coda 2.

Don’t forget it’s a quick fix until Thorsten updates the original.

Oh, I almost forgot, you can download this updated mode package here.